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What is the Diamond College Advisory Team?

The Diamond College Advisory Team ("DCAT") is the premier college advisory program in the country for aspiring college student-athletes in the sports of baseball and softball.

DCAT's mission is simple: help demystify the recruiting process for student-athletes and families in a way that will help maximize a student's options
for a great college experience, both on and off the field.


Things You Should Know...

About College Recruiting.

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The overwhelming majority of high school student-athletes seeking a college roster spot do not get one. There is no more important attribute you can bring to the recruiting process than a proactive mindset. While academic ability and physical talent are important prerequisites, they are not enough!

Players and families must be honest with themselves... ...with respect to their academic profile, their athletic attributes, and how those will translate into opportunities through the recruiting process. Seeking an objective assessment at the outset of the recruiting process is crucial.

There is more than one ideal college experience. While getting into college has never been tougher, the good news is that students can maximize their chances at a positive outcome by casting a wide net and targeting a well-conceived group of schools.

Stats don't matter! One of the biggest misconceptions about the recruiting process is that high school success, failure, or playing time, will have a strong impact on a player's "recruitability." While high school accomplishments are not irrelevant, students-athletes don't need impressive statistics to get recruited.

A recruitable student-athlete isn't made during the season. The seeds of a successful recruiting process are sown in the off-season, months in advance of when college coaches might see you perform. Once you have an objective athletic assessment, student-athletes must use the off-season to bolster their strengths and attack their weaknesses.

"The game of baseball has been the same for over 100 years. The college recruiting process, however, has changed immensely. We found that Justin Cronk and DCAT were hugely beneficial to us in navigating this whole college process. Without his expertise, we don't know where we would have been."
- Craig Biggio, 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee; 7-time MLB All-Star - Houston Astros

"I've known Justin for over 25 years and I have great respect for his knowledge of the game, his passion for teaching the game the right way, and his personal integrity. I have had the privilege of working with and competing against many outstanding, dedicated baseball people during my time working in multiple MLB organizations and Justin's commitment to helping young players reach their athletic and personal potential is second to none." - Ben Cherington, General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates; 2013 MLB Executive of the Year as GM of Boston Red Sox

"College recruiting is not only one of the more confusing processes that exist, but it also leads to one of the most difficult decisions that a student-athlete must make. DCAT simplified this process for both me and my family, making us feel extremely comfortable and at ease throughout. Navigating the showcase circuit, interacting with coaches, and visiting schools can be quite overwhelming, but DCAT was able to create a clear-cut plan to lead me towards the best situation possible. Having also played and trained with Justin for multiple years, you will be hard-pressed to find someone that is more motivating, dedicated, and insightful. With the help of Justin's guidance, I could not be more pleased with my college decision or how my experience ultimately unfolded and my family made a lifelong friend as well."
- Jeremy Zoll, Assistant General Manager - Minnesota Twins

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Current DCAT Student-Athletes