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DCAT 2023 College Recruiting Webinar Series

October 12, 7pm
Recruiting Process Q&A

The "high-academic" college recruiting process is unique. It can be more challenging, but also more rewarding for student-athletes to navigate the process from an academics-first standpoint as they aim to be recruited by the most selective schools in the country. The 2022 webinar series below should prove helpful in beginning to understand high-academic process intricacies.


FREE Webinar Series on the High-Academic Recruiting Process


Part 1: March 29, 7pm
Approaching the Academic Recruiting Process


This event has passed.

Knowing where and how to begin the high-academic recruiting process can be overwhelming. In Part 1, we'll lay the groundwork for success in your recruiting, including:

  • Building a targeted college list
  • What's different about the "high-academic" recruiting process?
  • What's changed over the past year, and what's remained the same

Current DCAT Student-Athletes