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DCAT Webinars and Podcasts

About this Webinar

Justin Cronk and Max McKenna answer recruiting process Q's during the pandemic.

Pandemic Recruiting Process Q&A

About this Podcast

Justin Cronk talks with Andy Bradley of Bradley Baseball Academy on the college recruiting process.

Process Priorities for Baseball Players


About this Podcast

In this episode we talk coaching, working with people in general, what it takes to be a good athlete, and so much more! While most of the information is geared towards baseball, anyone can take this information and make it useful to them. Enjoy!

Episode 4

About this Webinar

By listening to this webinar, student-athletes and parents will learn about:

  • Closing the information gap that exists with respect to the college recruiting & admission processes
  • Obtaining information specifically geared toward helping the motivated student-athlete be proactive in the college admissions process and in their baseball training


  • Demystifying the recruiting process and "college coach speak"
  • Interacting effectively with college coaches and admissions officers
  • How to market yourself the "right" way to college coaches
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of showcases, camps and tournaments
  • Why do many players with college level ability or "projectability" slip through the cracks and end up not playing in college?
  • There is more to college baseball than just the elite Division I programs
  • Keys to successfully navigating and maximizing the entire recruiting/admissions process
  • Recruiting process "pitfalls" to avoid
  • Q & A

Understanding the College Baseball Recruiting Process

"Justin did an amazing job covering a ton of ground in this information-packed presentation. He's an absolute first-class guy, and I challenge you to find anyone better when it comes to navigating the college baseball recruiting landscape. This webinar is must-see material if you desire to play college baseball as your ability to effectively navigate this process may make the difference in your ability to do so."

- Phil Rosengren, Founder, BetterPitching.com

Current DCAT Student-Athletes