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The Role of Parents in the DCAT Program

Reid Contact Position

We believe that parents are the most important members of a support team for any student embarking on the college process. That said, it is important for parents to embrace the idea that this is the student's process. Similar to the college selection process as a whole, the DCAT program operates best when the student-athlete is the point person who is driving the process and having the majority of interactions with the advisor.

We find that parental involvement can be a major positive, or negative, factor in a student's college selection process. Sadly, we've seen several student-athletes with outstanding athletic and academic credentials fail to gain traction in the recruiting process because a parent was too involved in the process. Regardless of talent or acumen, college coaches don't want to recruit students who appear incapable of making meaningful choices or taking actions on their own, as Mom and Dad won't be there in college to guide and motivate the student. On the contrary, students with parents who provide support, knowledge and gentle reminders tend to take ownership of the process in a more substantive way - and are more likely to make connections with college coaches that lead to opportunities.

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